“A Miracle That Birthed A Mircle” Part 10

A retired couple from Apison, Tennessee, looked over the simple little newsletter that a friend had passed on to them which told about what God was doing in southern Illinois. It wasn’t a worldwide mailing; Danny had typed it himself on a Commodore 64 and sent it to a meager two hundred people. However, it had so impressed Marvin and Rosella McColpin, that they sent in a small donation.

Now they had decided to call, and when Danny answered, they told him they were headed to Newfoundland to see about helping a ministry there, and wanted to know if they could stop by and talk to him about the 3ABN vision.

“Of course you can,” Danny said. “We would love to have you visit us.”

Marvin and Rosella were planning to spend only one day with the Sheltons, but they got so excited about the project they canceled their trip to Newfoundland.

What were they so excited about? The Holy Spirit got them excited over trenches. That’s right—trenches dug to pour the concrete footings. Isn’t that exciting? It was to them, because they caught the vision.

When Marvin asked Danny how much money was set aside to put up the building, he almost choked when Danny replied, “We  have about $200 in the bank, and that will go for renting the construction equipment.”

“You mean you don’t have enough money to pour the footings?” he asked, amazed that Danny had even started to build. “What if you get the footings dug and it rains before you get money for the cement?”

“Well,” Danny laughed, “maybe the Lord wants three-foot deep ditches! Besides,” he explained, “how can we expect the Lord to give us more money if we haven’t used what He’s already given us?”

“How much do you think it will cost to put up the shell of the building?” he inquired.

“Maybe fifty thousand dollars,” Danny answered, as truthfully as he could.

The McColpins were kind people, and interested in God’s work, but Danny could tell they didn’t have much to give, by the simple way they lived. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit had already started prompting their hearts to donate when Danny’s phone rang that night. It was Clarence Larson calling to tell Danny they needed a miracle.

What no one knew, of course, was that God had decided to demonstrate His power to Marvin and Rosella, and birth one miracle from another miracle.

God wanted Marvin in the back seat of that van as Danny and Clarence drove down the gravel roads of Thompsonville, looking for a three-phase power miracle. God wanted him there to see this miracle, not just hear about it.

Then, after witnessing this miracle firsthand, the McColpins presented the Sheltons with a check for $25,000!

Danny was shocked that night, but overwhelmed the next morning, when they handed him another check for the same amount!

Undoubtedly, he thought, they must have this money in savings. However, he found out later that this was not the case when the McColpins asked him not to cash the checks until they returned home and made some arrangements.

You see, they were so impressed that 3ABN was God’s work, they went home and mortgaged their house for $50,000, making it possible for 3ABN’s first studio to be built before winter!

“In the next six months, our business of reselling land made more money than we had ever made before,” Marvin told Danny later. “In fact, we made enough money to pay off that mortgage, and still had as much money left over as we did before we gave the $50,000 to 3ABN!” 

  Pastor Hal Steenson


I Choose You – Part 3

A Seventh-day what?” the musician asked Danny as they stood in the green room of a local Christian television station. Danny was stunned. This man had never heard of his church, or anything about Sabbath-keepers. It astonished him that people in his own community had no idea who their fellow Seventh-day Adventist Christians were.

Lord, why is it that in spite of running the largest Protestant school system in the world, as well as hundreds of hospitals and clinics all over the world, people still don’t know who we are, or what we believe? Danny asked. Shouldn’t we be the head and not the tail?

At that exact moment Danny Shelton cast the hook of his destiny into God’s sea of divine appointment. God, why don’t You raise up someone to build a television station that will reach the world with the message of Your soon coming?

God had been patiently waiting for Danny to ask that question—to bait the hook of Danny’s heart with a dream. That very night, He would impress him with what He told the apostle Paul on that fateful day on the Damascus road, “Son, I choose you to do this work.”

There was only restless, shallow, monologue sleep for Danny that night, as he heard the same words running through his mind,       Why doesn’t someone tell God’s people the truth about Jesus’ return, and warn them to be ready? Then, suddenly there was a tug as God set the hook on Danny’s heart. He knew the words weren’t his as they blazed through his mind; I want you to build a television station that will reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ message, one that will counteract the counterfeit.

What was he hearing? God, I wasn’t asking You if I could do this, I was asking why someone else wasn’t doing it! Again he heard the words, and the message was loud and clear—I want you to build a television station that will reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ message, one that will counteract the counterfeit.

Danny knew about the three angels’ messages. They are found in Revelation 14:6–12—an end-times message of love, urging all men to come out of false worship and begin worshiping the true God, the Creator of heaven and earth. But now he wrestled within, as he tried to explain to the Lord why he was not qualified. There’s no way I could do this, he reasoned. I’d be the last person in the world, since I know nothing about television except how to sing in front of cameras! I have no education in communications, no money, and no influential friends.

Don’t worry; I will provide, God assured him.

As Danny struggled with his feelings of inadequacy, God reminded him of someone who was seemingly as unqualified. Back in 1843, God had chosen Ellen Harmon, a seventeen-year-old girl, to speak for Him. She had not only been challenged by a mere three years of formal schooling, she was also in poor health. Many who knew her didn’t expect her to live a long or healthy life; however, God used Ellen’s willingness, allowing her to preach to thousands and write books that are still changing lives all over the world. God had used this young girl, known to millions as Ellen G. White, to help build the foundational pillars of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, along with the many health institutes, schools, and publishing houses that still thrive today.

Danny took a deep breath, and stared squarely at the impossible. With another tug on his heart, and God’s assurance that his task was to build a television station that would reach the world, he submitted his will to the Father. As the words of Zechariah 4:6, “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” came to his mind, Danny spoke out loud, “Okay, God, if this is from You, I’ll go forward, if You’ll supply every need.”

In our next chapter, we’ll see how Danny’s dream becomes tangible, and starts unfolding into God’s vision.

Author, Hal Steenson