Hal Steenson was a Charismatic Pastor for over twenty years before embracing the Bible truths of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  In 1995 Hal left his church to follow the Lord’s leading, desiring to completely surrender to Him.  On December 25, 1999, Hal along with his wife Mollie and son Jeremy (who all serve in ministry at 3ABN) were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Thompsonville, Illinois.  He has served in numerous areas of ministry at 3ABN, but has found the Pastoral Department to be his life’s calling because of his Pastor’s heart. Hal considers himself to be only a part of a great pastoral team placed in concert by God to meet the prayer needs of hurting people.

Hal and Mollie were married November 15, 1969 and have two children (Dee Dee Moore and Jeremy Steenson).


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I was impressed by your sermon this past December 11th past. I am finding it very difficult to get ANY information as to how to connect to you. I would like to hear your series on the gifts of theSpirit, Your sincere friend, Lyssa Chapman

  2. Hal you continue to amaze me with your fluid and descriptive essays.

    You inspire me to try harder and do better. You definitely have the Lord’s hand on you. May He continue to bless you, Mollie and your devoted ministry.
    Love and blessings to you and Mollie.
    Pastor Roy Lamont

  3. Dear Pr Hal,

    You did an outreach in NZ and Rarotonga about 2000. One of the gospel workers relayed to me a comment you made about gossip.
    I think this is heaven inspired wisdom.
    From what I recall, it goes something like this;
    To check whether comments are gossip or not,
    1. Where did you get your information from?
    2. Why are you telling me this?
    3. Can I quote you on it?

    I think gossip killing is vital for the health of the church body. Can you please do a devotional on these 3 points, expanding on them?

    Many thanks and God bless,

    • Wow, do I ever remember Rarotonga on Cook Island and surprisingly, I remember saying that because several people came up afterwards and asked for a copy of it.

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