“I’ve Got A Secret”

“I’ve Got A Secret”

Each week, as I edit and prepare the prayer list, I’m amazed at the Christians with the same problems who say, I’ve got a secret, but please don’t show this request on the air. Their secrets usually fall into five categories, homosexuality – adultery – alcoholism, drug addiction or pornography.

I’ve got a secret prayer requests are usually just signed Anonymous and submitted under the heading Deliverance. It’s as if they were all from the same person although they are from all over the world. They all have a secret, a secret sin that is destroying them and their relationship with God.

Some people may think it’s the new baby Christians who haven’t been in the church long enough to overcome their worldly habits and may just need more teaching to put aside these secret things. Not so, it’s all ages, ranks and files. We receive requests from the pulpit to the pew because Satan is no respecter of persons and he knows secrets will destroy you.

Several years ago, a well-known televangelist had a secret that was eventually exposed before the entire world. When he was asked why he didn’t seek help and tell someone, his answer was, as famous as I am, who was I going to tell? I urge you to tell your secret to your spouse or tell your secret to a trusted friend, but tell somebody so it will no longer be a secret and you will become accountable. The most powerful weapon the enemy has against you and your secret are the lies that have to accompany it.

All of these requests have one thing in common; they are asking for the prayer of deliverance from this secret. While one person may plead to be delivered after all their attempts have failed, another may admit they have a secret but their request is to have the 3ABN Prayer Warriors do something about it.

One particular request was worded like this; I love to drink beer, especially on the weekends. Usually I’m hung-over on Sabbath mornings and unable to go to church. So please have the prayer warriors pray that I would quit. He didn’t say he was addicted; he said that he loved beer. He didn’t say he needed deliverance; he asked for prayer for him to quit. The Bible tells us to crucify the flesh and cast out demons–it does not tell us to cast out the flesh and crucify demons. There are times when it’s not a matter of deliverance but a matter of fessing-up and putting the deeds of the flesh to death.

In 1952 a new TV game show debuted called “I’ve Got a Secret.” Four celebrity panelists tried to guess an unknown-to-them secret, which the contestant whispered in the host’s ear; the secret was always shown to the television and studio audiences. Panelists had one 30-second period to ask questions that would help them try to guess the secret. If the panelists were unable to guess the secret, the contestant won a cash prize and then had to tell the panel their secret. What if our churches had an “I’ve Got a Secret” panel where we are sitting there with our secret and it’s about to be exposed? We have to tell the truth, so even if the panel doesn’t guess it; we still have to admit it openly.

Hello, we do have such a panel. It’s the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but they aren’t asking questions or guessing, they already know what our secret is and are waiting for us to confess it before them. They want to hear it and also hear you ask forgiveness. One John 1:9 says, “ If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Don’t be fearful of telling the Father what He already knows, because when God asks you a question, He is not looking for information.

Matthew 10:26: “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.”


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  1. Hi Hal,
    In the Sahara Desert high velosity wind storms have been known to scour tarnished pots and pans much to the delight of the women. You have touched on a most significant character flaw of many sinners. They try to hide the truth.not just from others but from themself as well. The storms of life have a quality that will reveal the truth eventually.This is the power of the Spirit of God.. Your post makes a strong and most needed point…excellent.


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