“To God Be The Glory” Part 14

You’ve been reading excerpts and hearing about a few of the miracles God performed as He carried out His dream for Danny Shelton, and the vision for 3ABN. The miracles have not stopped. The dream is still alive, and the vision continues. However, many of our new viewers are anxious to hear more of the 3ABN story at a faster pace—and justifiably so; they have 24 years of catching up to do!

In these past articles I endeavored to highlight a few of the wondrous details and miracles that Danny so vividly painted on the  canvas of my heart, starting with the early years of 3ABN. However, what I remember most is that he never took credit for one single miracle or provision granted to 3ABN. He always gave all the glory to God.

I’ve never heard him say, “Brother Hal, guess what I did?” or “Can you believe how much money I raised?” or “Look what I’ve accomplished.” There was never a King Me, or Big I in his vocabulary. He’s always been quick to say, “I’m amazed at what God has done,” or, “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, it would be hard to believe—to God be the glory!”

The Danny Shelton that Mollie and I met when we moved here in 1981 is not the same man he is today. Back then he had faith, but now he lives by faith. He was compassionate then, but he is compelled by compassion now. He listened to the Spirit then, but he is led by the Spirit now. Danny kept the Sabbath then, but he embraces the Sabbath now.

God developed Danny’s character from the inside out in His refiner’s fire. The Gethsemanes of leading a worldwide ministry have caused his heart to tremble for the presence of the Lord in everything he does. I see it in his eyes as he talks about what God is doing through 3ABN. I hear it in his voice as he speaks of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14.

His outer man has changed, too. He sports a few battle scars from fighting the good fight of faith for the last 24 years. Sometimes he appears a little weary from running the race and resisting those who have thought 3ABN would be better off in the hands of a committee, rather than in the hands of God. He has survived the wrath of false witnesses; those who had never even met him, and yet tried to be his judge, jury, and executioner. Through it all, Danny still declares, “To God be the glory.”

I know from personal experience that Danny Shelton has stood in the face of adversity and demonstrated Christian character. I’ve seen times when he was ridiculed and did not retaliate. I remember when he started building the first 3ABN building, and a local pastor called and told me I needed to have a talk with him. He said, “Danny has gone crazy and is building a Noah’s Ark out in a field in Thompsonville!”

After all this, Danny is still not only singing 3ABN’s theme song, “Mending Broken People,” he is a man that lives the words of that song every day. The chorus goes, “I want to spend my life, mending broken people. I want to spend my whole life removing pain. Lord, let my words heal a heart that hurts. I want to spend my life mending broken people.”

It has been a long time since I’ve heard anyone make fun of Danny Shelton or 3ABN. However, I have the feeling that if someone did, and Danny heard about it, all he would say would be, “Well, to God be the glory!”

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  Pastor Hal Steenson