“A Letter Of Credit” Part 12

The phone call came from Scientific Atlanta with the estimate for the equipment needed to put 3ABN on satellite. Sue, who was in charge of their finance department, informed Danny that it would cost $350,000 to have the satellite uplink dish and transmitter built and installed. Then she told him she would need a deposit of $70,000 to begin the work.

“All I have is $10,000,” Danny replied, “and that seemed like a lot of money just a few minutes ago!”

“Do you have a letter of credit?” Sue asked.

Danny thought for a moment. A letter of credit? I don’t even have a credit card! However, I believe what God impressed on me is true—that I would not have to borrow money to build this station. It’s His vision, and He will always supply, if I will always obey.

“No, I don’t,” he replied honestly.

Just a few days earlier, Danny had been praising God for his encounter with the district sales representative for this very company. As he’d shared the miracles God had already performed, the man had seemed impressed. It must have been orchestrated by God, but now everything seemed to come to a standstill.

A few days later, he received another call from that sales rep. After hearing about their conversation, he encouraged Danny to call Sue again, and tell her about the miracles.

“Sue, I wonder if I could take a moment to tell you how this station has come about,” Danny began. After telling her the miraculous stories, he didn’t ask her to make an exception to the company’s policies; he just told her the Lord had impressed him that He would supply all his needs. He also told her he believed the money would be there when the equipment was ready to be delivered.

She asked if he really thought that he could come up with $350,000 in three months.

“Yes,” Danny replied.

Then came the surprise. “I’m a Christian too, and I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I believe you, and I’m going to trust you,” Sue said. “We’ll start immediately on the equipment—but don’t forget—three hundred and fifty thousand dollars!” Then she made arrangements to set up the cost of the equipment on installments until the project was completed.

Danny reflected back to a conversation with a lady he’d met at the laymen’s convention in Colorado. As May Chung listened to him, she seemed impatient.

“We need to get this up and going now, Danny,” she’d said. “What is the problem?”

When he told her that Scientific Atlanta was working on an estimate, and that the equipment would probably cost around  $400,000, she’d had a grand plan.

“Danny, she said, “I’m so impressed that this network needs to be up quickly that I’ll loan you the money at a very low interest rate, and you can pay it back as the donations come in.”

He had been overwhelmed, but felt that was not what God wanted him to do, so he told May that God would not allow him to go in debt.

Now the first payment was fast approaching, and he was surprised to hear from May again. She told him that he could have the money interest-free, and that he could pay it back whenever he could. Again he said no.

Danny prayed earnestly, knowing that any day Sue would call again.

When the phone rang again, it was May. But this time she told Danny she would give him $100,000 toward the equipment. “Oh yes,” she added, “I called Ellsworth McKee, a dedicated Adventist, and owner of Little Debbie Snack Cakes. He’s also giving you $100,000.”

Danny had good news for Sue when she called. He didn’t need a letter of credit—he had a letter from the King of kings!

  Pastor Hal Steenson

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