“3ABN’s Trauma Center”

Many of today’s modern hospitals have what are known as trauma centers. These units are staffed with professionals trained to handle emergency room patients that are facing life and death situations. These teams are ready at a moments notice to provide life saving techniques saving countless lives because of their commitment and dedication to each patient’s survival. Through the years, the pastoral staff at 3ABN has encountered many similar circumstances from our callers. In addition, 3ABN’s Pastoral Staff not only ministers through prayer for the caller’s physical requests, but also their spiritual and emotional traumas as well. Here are but a few we have received lately. Please keep our callers and pastoral staff in your prayers.

“Oh God, oh thank God, you answered, thank God you answered. No, I’m not all right! No, my husband is having chest pains; I think he’s having a heart attack. Yes, I’ve called 911. Yes, they’re on their way, but I need help–I need help right now, please pray for my husband, his name is Ray, please pray,: I need help now, right now, please pray—I need all of you to pray, now, pray now, right now. Ray, oh God Ray. Pastor pray, please pray—he’s my life. Ray, Ray!”

“I have a gun to my head; my wife has been unfaithful and I don’t want to live anymore. No, I don’t want prayer, I just want someone to know why I’m gonna blow my brains out. That’s why I called. When she gets home, she’ll be sorry, she’ll be sorry she did this when she finds me dead. Why did she do this? I love her with all my heart; I can’t believe she could do this to me. I love her. I really love her—with all my heart–I don’t want to die but I don’t want to live without her. Why in God’s name did she do this? Yes, you can pray, but it won’t do any good because I’m a dead man—no don’t pray, I don’t want you to pray–I’m outta here, I’m a dead man. Why, why should I wait—why should I listen to you? There’s nothing you can say to stop me. I don’t know why I called you anyway; you’re all a bunch of Jesus freak idiots—why did I call? I called because your 800 number is on the television, that’s why; I don’t know why–I don’t want to die but I can’t stand to live. Yeah pray, okay, okay pray, but it won’t do any good.”

“This is Donna, I need prayer. 3ABN is my home church. You’re my only pastors. You are the only ones I know to call when the pain gets unbearable. It’s bad today, I’m sorry, but I hurt so badly. Will you pray that God will put me to sleep—now, right now, please, the pain from this cancer is so bad? How did Jesus do it, how did He stand the pain? How can He expect me to do it? I can’t do it. Okay, pray –okay, but hurry, hurry and pray—please pastor, don’t forget to pray for my husband; I don’t know what he’ll do without me. There won’t be anyone to take care of him when I’m gone. What will he do? Please pray for him too pastor.”

“Please pray for my sister and her husband pastor; they’re out of their minds trying to figure out what happened. I told them, it wasn’t their fault–sometimes these things just happen. They didn’t believe that, so they’re still searching for answers. They have her baby pictures and her high school pictures scattered all over the kitchen table. I don’t think that’s going to do them any good, but what can I say. Kelley was my sister’s only child, so she was like my own daughter. They can’t stop crying. I want to cry too, but I need to be strong for my sister. Please pray for me too pastor, I didn’t know who else to call. I know you get call after call from people that are wounded and bleeding. I don’t know how you do it—I don’t know how any of you do it day after day. Thank God for 3ABN—thank God for all of you. Please don’t put their names on the screen or Kelley’s name either. Just pray, please pray for them Pastor. Pastor, do you think Kelly will be in heaven? We don’t know why she did it. We just don’t know why—why she did it. Maybe, I failed her too. Please pray pastor.”

“I know that I call too much, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry; I promise I won’t keep you long. You’re the only contact I have with my Christian family. I know you tell me, “its okay to call Annie,” and you all love me no matter how many times I call. But I won’t keep you long–I called you pastor, because I was making a little pot of green beans and potatoes in my pressure cooker—I use the pressure cooker because my mama taught me to just pressure cook the vegetables for a little while and they will be better for me. It was all I had to eat—my son comes by once a week in his new truck and goes to the grocery store for me. All I had left for groceries this week was $12.00, but he got me some bread, potatoes, milk and a few other little things; it was more than twelve dollars—but he let me sign an IOU for the other $2.60 extra that he spent. I’ll be able to pay him next month when my check comes in. Please, please pastor, pray for my arm. I went to move the pressure cooker off the stove—it’s just a little one and the lid blew off. It burned my hand and arm and I’m afraid to call my son because he’ll think I done it on purpose just to get attention. It hurts so bad. It’s swollen and really red—I hope he doesn’t come over. I’ll tell him that I did it while I was pulling weeds. I don’t have a good lawn mower so I have to pull some of the weeds around the trees in the yard. I’ll tell him I scraped it on a tree. I’m sorry; I’ve kept you too long pastor, but please pray for me. I don’t have anyone else to call. I picked the green beans and potatoes up off the floor and put them in the frigerator. They weren’t ruined and they’re all I have to eat. I’m sorry pastor, I’ve kept you too long—I’m sorry pastor.”
Pray for me Pastor, I’m sorry to bother you; I didn’t know who else to call–I’m sorry Pastor, pray, please pray for me!

All names have been changed to protect the individual’s privacy

3ABN’s Pastoral Staff


3 thoughts on ““3ABN’s Trauma Center”

  1. Hi Hal,
    You know how long I have been Warrior for 3ABN, many years now. There are times I now find myself dreading to open my requests when they arrive, for I know that the Lord will whisper to me to respond to certain ones. This requires much diligent prayer seeking for His words, His heart, for I MUST seek only to be His hands, never to interpose my own thoughts. Requests have changed in the last few years, with people being so broken, so wounded, that now, I find it is hard to let things go. I understand what it is that all in the Pastoral Dept. go through, and how much prayer you all need every single day, and I pray. We all need to help hold each others hands up to Him, for it is so easy to become weary in this battle, this Controversy.
    With His Love Always, and mine Dixie

  2. I knew by some of the prayer requests that you guys in the call center have it bad, but I just didn’t know how bad it can be. I know that I have just wept as I prayed when I got some of those prayer requests, and think I just can’t do this. but then I remember God calling me to be a Prayer Warrior and I don’t want to quit. Look what He went thru for us, and is going thru when He has to watch what is going on. He feels all our pain, heartaches, frustrations, and despair, too. What an AWESOME God we have! Thank you all for allowing God to use you!

  3. Dear brother Hal,

    Reading the transcript of some of the calls you have received has
    literally moved me to tears. I have added my prayers to yours for the
    ‘needs’ of those who have called.
    I wonder what would those people have done without 3ABN ?
    You are surely a blessing in times of great need. God bless you all.

    Pastor Roy Lamont

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