“A Cloud by Day” Part 11

Danny looked out the ski lodge windows in Big Sky, Montana, as the clouds rolled in and the rain cascaded down the mountainside. The weather had been beautiful all week, but God had a special plan for that particular Friday afternoon, and a good ol’ soaking rainstorm was part of it. Danny was about to experience another miracle for the ministry.

He thought back to a few days earlier when Dale McBride had called and invited him to this ASI convention in Big Sky. Dale felt an urgency that the 3ABN story needed to be told there.

“I don’t even know what ASI is,” Danny had admitted.

“ASI stands for Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries,” Dale answered. “It’s a group of lay Adventist businessmen and organizations, and we meet to discuss ways to help various Christian projects.”

“It sounds interesting,” Danny said, “but I don’t have the money to fly there, and I sure can’t afford a room in a resort.”

Dale then told him he felt so strongly about this, he would sponsor him.

When Danny arrived, he already had a self-appointed public relations agent representing 3ABN. Rosella McColpin was telling everyone who would listen about the miracles she had personally witnessed, and the 3ABN miracle stories began to buzz like bees through the Montana trees.

One of the ASI officials heard the humming, and decided to put an end to it before people got stung, like they had the previous year. He told Danny that everything was planned a year in advance, and that it was ASI’s policy not to make any last minute changes. He also told him one of the reasons for this policy was because they had allowed someone to speak the previous year without checking him out thoroughly. They had even taken an offering of several thousand dollars—and no one had seen him since!

“So,” the official said, “there will be no chance of you speaking this year.”

Nonetheless, God works in mysterious ways. He didn’t need a pillar of fire, but He did need a cloud by day. Next, He mixed in  some strong winds, and poured out the rain, fashioning the perfect weather for an afternoon speaking opportunity for Danny Shelton. What else was ASI going to do with four hundred people, now that all their outdoor activities were cancelled?

At the close of the morning meetings, a nervous and humble ASI representative motioned Danny aside.

“We’re in a real dilemma here,” he said. “We have to plan something for the people, since there’s nothing they can do outside. Could you possibly tell your miracle story about 3ABN?”

That was Danny’s introduction to ASI, an organization that has since been hugely supportive of 3ABN’s ministry. He told his story, and God’s people caught the vision. Many hearts were touched as he shared God’s dream for a television station that would reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ messages of Revelation 14—one that would counteract the counterfeit.

A little 3ABN sign was hastily made, and a small table was set up for Danny’s gospel tapes, along with fliers for his ministry. Bill and Betty Bowers bought two tapes and wrote him a check, and later, when he looked at it, he thought to himself, I’ve either been selling our cassettes too cheap, or somebody made a mistake! Their check was for ten thousand dollars!

Danny thanked them for their generosity, even as his mind raced back to that hot August day, when standing in a half-finished shell of a building, he thanked God for the fifty thousand dollars the McColpins had given. Then he had wondered where the money would come from to finish the floor—since concrete was not cheap.

How about that, God, he thought. The cost of the concrete is the same amount as this check—to the penny. Thank You, Lord.

  Pastor Hal Steenson


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