Wasted Tears, Wasted Years

She was the bride of the century, with her Prince Charming on her arm. Her 26-foot wedding train seemed to stretch endlessly behind her as she exited her royal coach drawn by beautiful horses. The splendor of this sight was breathtaking as over 700 million people around the world stood spellbound at the magnitude of this event. Surely, it must have cost millions of dollars and she undeniably deserved all of this pomp and splendor. She had risen from obscurity and was marrying the future King of England, how marvelous.

Her love for people worldwide and a heart for those afflicted with debilitating diseases was her life’s passion. She traveled the world touching lives as if she were a saint sent from heaven. Everywhere she went, the red carpet was rolled out before her and she soon became the icon of royal compassion. She did so much good for all those she encountered. There is no doubt she impressed the world with her open arms and sincere heart.

The world celebrated the news of her pregnancy and waited with anticipation for the arrival of her firstborn son, William. What a fitting name for a royal Brit who may himself someday ascend to the throne. Elated was an understatement as the news of a second childbirth pierced the airwaves. William and Harry were the beautiful children of the beautiful princess bride. What could possibly go wrong-what could she possibly want or desire that she didn’t already have or could not obtain?

We all know the rest of the story, the broken vows, the shattered hearts and the wrecked marriage held so precious by the world, was no more. She went her way and he went his. He had found someone else and she would too. The world grieved for this magnificent Lady. The Prince stayed close to his mother, but the Princess put herself in motion to make up for the wasted years. She started living life in the fast lane, maybe not considering the possible cost of that lifestyle.

Did you hear the news? Did you hear that Princess Diana was killed in a devastating car crash last night? She was with Dodi al-Fayed when their car hit a massive concrete pillar in the Pont d’Alma tunnel. I answered, “Yes, I heard she lost her life in a horrible accident, sad isn’t it.” He asked if I thought the funeral would be as elaborate as the wedding. I said, “I’m not sure, but I don’t think it will be.” “Have you seen the thousands of people placing flowers and lighting candles in front of the palace-standing there for hours, just crying, crying and praying for her, he asked?” I said, “I’ve seen it; those tears were for the years that everyone loved her, even when they knew many of the things she was doing wasn’t fitting for a princess. She was, and will always be loved by many.”

“What do you think of all this, someone asked?” My response was heartrending for me. I said, “It may have been wasted years, but I know for a certainty its now wasted tears.” He looked at me as if I had lost my mind and asked what was I talking about-wasted years and wasted tears. I asked him, “Do you ever recall her talking about Jesus or leading someone in a prayer of salvation as he or she lay dying from aids or cholera?” What would it prosper her to be esteemed in the world’s eyes, but having never made a commitment to Christ? I don’t know where Diana stood as a Christian and I refuse to judge her; however, if she had allowed Jesus to be Lord of her life, He may have led her in a different direction and she may be alive today.

It would be sad to see someone so young go out into eternity and see all the good she accomplished, all the wonderful things she did for humanity become wasted years for her, because she may have never accepted Jesus.

Those who were standing crying and praying for Diana need to understand that no amount of tears they shed will alter the state of the dead. Once someone goes past life and into death, there are not enough prayers on earth to change his or her destination. The people cried, they cried for days and weeks, some are still crying, but for someone without Christ in their life, it’s only wasted tears. I can’t help but wonder how many of them prayed for Diana before she died-did you? I question how many of us have people we esteem highly and yet fail them by not praying for their assurance of salvation.

I can only hope that someday we’ll see Princess Diana in heaven, kneeling before Jesus Christ, the true Prince.

Mark 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

  Pastor Hal Steenson