Fanning the Flames of Faith Part 7

The Lord had miraculously provided Danny Shelton with television equipment, with an engineer, and with two acres of land to build a television station. However, there was a slight problem: There was no road to get to the building site.

It had taken only a few sparks to get the 3ABN fire going, but from now on it would take the fan of faith in the hand of a man who didn’t have the word “quit” in his vocabulary to fuel the flames.

The original 3ABN Uplink Center was being built about a quarter mile off the main street, so the Shelton brothers rented a road grader and began to work. But the diesel fuel for that beast could only be purchased five gallons at a time. There was no shortage of fuel, but there was a shortage of money! In 1983, those five-gallon cans of diesel fuel cost almost $8 each!

The road was about 1,400 feet long and 25 feet wide, and as they finished grading it, they needed gravel immediately. The weather forecast wasn’t looking good, so Danny called the rock company and arranged to have the gravel delivered.

He was informed that the only delivery day available was a week from that Tuesday, and the company superintendent made it clear that he would be expecting nothing less than a check for $6,000 at the time of delivery! If God can supply $8 at a time for a lot of diesel fuel, surely He can supply $6,000 for a modest bit of gravel, Danny thought to himself.

They’d determined to take God at His Word—to do whatever He impressed them to do. And that meant they’d have to think and act with Holy Ghost boldness, rather than in the more cautious ways they might consider appropriate in their personal affairs. Caution would limit God. The only way to move was forward. Besides, they’d already seen miracle after miracle, and barrier after barrier fall. Why would God stop now? Why should they even consider stopping now? Danny ordered the rock.

Every day for the next week he checked the post office box, but there were few donations. He was away for the weekend, and when he returned he rushed to the post office expecting numerous letters with the needed funds—but there were only two.

Danny’s heart sank, until he opened the first letter. It was from a lady in Chicago who had seen a short article about him in the Lake Union Herald, a church paper. In the envelope was a check for $2,000!

Until this time, donations of $10 or $25 had trickled in. Occasionally, there would be a check for $50 or $100. Danny wasn’t used to getting such a major donation—especially from a stranger who had never been there to see the project.

With a renewed fan of faith in his hand, he slowly opened the second letter. He could hardly believe what he saw: a check for $4,000! Two letters, two checks—and $6,000!

The second check was from a couple in California where he and his daughter had ministered in song when God first gave him the dream to build 3ABN. It was the same church service where the pastor had tried to keep him silent by giving him a definite cut-off signal when he began sharing about his dream of reaching the world through Christian television.

But not before a couple sitting in that service saw God’s fan of faith in Danny’s hand.

  Pastor Hal Steenson 

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