The Crossroads Of Dreams Part 6

Before God gave His dream to Danny Shelton for 3ABN, He gave a dream to a little lady who attended the First Christian Church in Thompsonville, Illinois—and it was a dream about cows!

Her name was Fonda Summers, and she had accepted an invitation to attend a prayer meeting at a Seventh-day Adventist church in West Frankfort, not realizing she was there to hear about another dream that would come to a divine crossroad with her own.

At prayer meeting that Wednesday night, Danny knew he had to step out in faith and share the dream God had given him. The burden to find land was heavy on his heart that night because he knew he needed the right property for this project. He had already contacted someone that owned land near Thompsonville about selling it; however, the landowner had been reluctant to do so. (Thank God!)

As he stood up in front of a handful of people in that little church that night, he took a deep breath and said, “I’m asking you to pray about something with me. We have a very special need.” Danny didn’t ask them to pray for the money needed to get this station off the ground; he asked them to pray for the land to build it on. God had chosen the right man for the job—one who was a builder, and who also knew the proper way to build something; the land must come before the building.

That night they prayed for God’s will, which is always the best way to pray. Fonda Summers was sitting in that Wednesday night meeting with a dream of her own.

Two days later, Goldie Shelton called her son.

“Danny, doesn’t God work in marvelous ways?”

“Yes, He does,” Danny replied.

“Do you remember Fonda Summers, a lady in her mid-70s from Thompsonville?”    

“Yes,” Danny answered, “I know her.”

“Well, last Wednesday night, she was at our service when you shared your dream about the satellite station. She went home and prayed until God impressed her to give you some of her land to build on. She just called me, and wants you to call her, if you’re interested.”

Danny called Mrs. Summers and discovered the land was in the vicinity of where Clarence said it needed to be. Surely, the Holy Spirit was in control of this thing. Then she said she had told the Lord she wanted to help, but didn’t have anything to give. That was when God asked her the same question He asked Moses: “What is this in your hand?”

“Lord,” she said, “all I have is eight acres of land.”

Then it dawned on her. Land! That’s what Danny needed! So she decided to give him two acres on the back of her property.

Later Mrs. Summers told this story: “Forty years ago, my husband and I were going to sell off some of our land, but before we did, I had a dream. In it I saw a fence encircling our property. The south gate was opened and the most beautiful fatted cattle came in from every direction until the back of the property was filled with them. It seemed to me the Lord was going to use this property for something special, and through the years I’ve had this dream on two other occasions. Then, last night the dream came back, only this time the Lord showed me the cattle represented people coming from all over the world—won to Christ by the spirit of truth coming from the back part of my property. This land is yours to build God’s television station.”

Wow, God, thought Danny, this is way too good to be true, and it’s all so easy!

However, the easy part was over, and the “living by faith,” the “trusting God daily,” and the “lots of hard work” part was about to begin—five gallons of diesel fuel at a time. But that’s another story.

Pastor Hal Steenson


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