The Bomb Catchers

It was 1985, and it was my first visit to London, England. My first day there, I was given a whirlwind tour by car through downtown London and past many world-renowned sites. We almost flew by Buckingham palace and the House of Commons in a mini-car traveling on the wrong side of the road in three lanes of traffic packed in like sardines. By the time I arrived at my hotel, I was distressed and very nauseous, but still excited about being in Europe. I was there to hold a seminar on praise and worship; however, I definitely wanted to see all the beautiful sites that I had only seen in pictures or on television. The seminars were in the evenings, so I had each day to return to all the places we had zoomed past the day I arrived. I saw the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are kept, Warwick Castle, London Bridge and I even got to go to Harrods department store where the royal family shops. The only thing I left there with was a free empty bag. Maybe the people on the plane home would think I had actually purchased something from the famous high price store. However, almost everyone on the return flight had the same free bag.

Everything I saw was nice, but my heart raced as I approached Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It was magnificent—all the sculptures and ornate artwork were as overwhelming as was the vastness of the interior and the dome with the whispering room. When I walked through the entryway, I was greeted by the Vienna Boy’s Choir, practicing for a program that evening. Their voices echoing through the magnificent corridors sounded like angles singing praises to the Lord. Then there were the marble floors, the centuries-old fixtures adorned with gold and the magnificent windows that could make a little country-boy like me gasp.

I was impressed, and I’m not easily impressed. I was impressed with all of the surroundings; that is, until something else caught my eye. I’ve never been able to forget that moment or even tried to forget it. It was just a little picture close to the entryway. It was a little picture with a mammoth meaning. The picture was captioned “Saint Paul’s Bomb Catchers.” As I began to read the article, I continued to glance back and forth from the article to the picture comparing the two. I stood in awe as I read how the people in the picture had vowed to stand in shifts atop Saint Paul’s Cathedral as London was bombed by the Germans during World War II—the picture showed what appeared to be men and women surrounding the dome and the upper perimeter of the edifice. When I looked closer at the picture, I saw what was apparently burning pieces of wood from houses exploding in the air and possibly fragments from bombs being dropped on London at that very moment. These people were risking their lives to save something they held so precious. The statement read, “As the burning pieces hit the building, the “Bomb Catchers” would risk lives and limbs to keep those fragments from destroying their house of worship.

I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it would be if we were all “Bomb Catchers” in the Kingdom of God. What if there were “Bomb Catchers” who would rush to the defense of a brother or sister that was under attack by the fiery darts of Satan, because they vowed that their brethren would not be destroyed? What if there were spiritual “Bomb Catchers” that would pick up blistering hot bitter words that had been thrown at a helpless child of God while he or she was under a demonic attack? Suppose there were “Bomb Catchers” in the Church that were willing to lay down their very lives, so their house of worship would not be damaged.

The Cathedral suffered some damage during those bombings; nonetheless, it did not burn to the ground. The needed repairs were made after the war, and today, Saint Paul’s Cathedral stands as a monument to the “Bomb Catchers” character. There were no heroic names of individuals listed in the information below that picture, but I can’t help but believe they are famous in the Kingdom of God.

Since the birth of the church; it has been under a constant attack; however, there’s another little picture we may be overlooking—maybe we should take a closer look at that little picture hanging in the halls of heaven. We may see thousands of nameless Christian “Bomb Catchers” throwing back all the fiery shards Satan has thrown at the Bride of Christ from the beginning of time. God might be turning to His angelic host saying, “Look at all My “Bomb Catchers;” aren’t they all magnificent. See that “Bomb Catcher” over there, he just restored a brother overtaken in a fault and kept him from burning down—add that “Bomb Catcher” to our little picture.

1 John 3:16 Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Pastor Hal Steenson

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