What’s A Satellite Station? Part 5

When Danny accepted the call to build God’s television station, his technical prowess was roughly limited to the operation of his remote control—that is, if he could find it. However, he would soon realize he’d bitten off quite a chunk.

A few days after he promised the Lord he’d build a television station, he decided it might be a good idea to see what one looked like. So he took his brothers to “spy out the land,” but unbeknownst to him, Danny was about to encounter another divine appointment.

At the station, he saw their television engineer, Clarence Larson, with whom he had a casual acquaintance. He wasn’t about to     share his entire dream with someone who knew his background, because he’d probably laugh at him! So Danny casually asked Clarence if he could show them some of the technical stuff. He did, but this was where God took over, and a Baptist engineer would be the second person to witness that Danny’s dream was from God.

Cautiously, Clarence pulled him aside and said, “I don’t understand why, but I feel compelled to tell you something.” He paused, took a deep breath and said, “I believe a satellite uplink station could be built here in southern Illinois, out near Thompsonville.”

“What’s a satellite uplink station?” Danny asked.

Clarence was shocked. It wasn’t until much later that he began to understand that God had used him to support the building of a television network which would eventually reach the world with the three angel’s messages of Revelation 14.

“How far will a satellite station reach?” Danny asked.

“Well,” Clarence replied, “how far do you want it to reach?”

“The world!” Danny proclaimed.

Clarence affirmed it by saying, “Well, the only way to reach the world is by satellite.”

Just a few days earlier, I had agreed to give Danny all my television equipment. Now, he’d discovered that a satellite uplink station could be built near Thompsonville, just a few miles from where he lived. Nevertheless, he still didn’t have the entire picture. He wanted to know why a satellite station couldn’t be built just anywhere.

Clarence tried not to get too technical as he explained an uplink satellite station’s protocol, but I’m sure that to Danny, it probably sounded more like, “the hipbone is connected to the leg bone.” One thing he did understand was that because terrestrial communication used microwaves, the satellite uplink had to be located in an interference-free location. And Clarence had just recently discovered a spot in southern Illinois where a new satellite uplink could be built! With God, all things are possible.

Danny is not someone given to emotion; however, if he’d ever felt like jumping up and shouting, it was then, because everything that needed to be done, could be done—just a few miles down the road from his home. It was becoming clear to him why God had chosen him—an unlikely carpenter in an unlikely place like West Frankfort, Illinois—to do this work.

God must be involved, or else how could this be happening? Danny thought to himself. This is certainly bigger than one church—or even one denomination! First of all, God sends me to a charismatic pastor, who confirms my calling and then commits all his television equipment. Then, suddenly, there’s a Baptist engineer who works for a charismatic Christian station saying, “The Lord’s compelling me to tell you this information.”

This was Danny’s first glimpse at the magnitude and global scope of the work God had called him to do. He saw God was using His people—from all faiths and backgrounds—to encourage him in this massive undertaking.

Danny’s next thought was, What I need now is some land in Thompsonville. I wonder what denomination God will use next?

  Pastor Hal Steenson