It’s Your Fault I Can’t Sleep! Part 4

As we turn the next page of Danny Shelton’s dream, we’re standing in a television studio in my charismatic church. Danny had called me, saying he wanted to talk to me about a dream he’d had about a television station. As he started sharing, I could see excitement radiating from him. He shared his dream about a television station that would reach the world, and I sat there, fascinated by his enthusiasm, and his childlike faith.

I’d known Danny for two years, and respected his dedication to Christ. However, this was going to take more than commitment. It was going to take money—and lots of it! He’d come to me because I knew something about television, but also by the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit. When I asked him if he was aware that it would take a million dollars to get this project off the ground, he answered that he didn’t, but I could tell that didn’t discourage him. He knew his dream and call were from God, and his faith didn’t see any difference between believing God for a thousand dollars or a million dollars; it takes the same amount of faith for either one.

Two weeks earlier, a pastor from Indiana had come by and inquired about purchasing our church’s television equipment. What had started as an evangelistic television outreach had now become an undertaking God hadn’t called me to do. I’d voiced this to a few people, and the pastor had heard about it. Now there he was, check in hand, willing to buy it all.

Suddenly I balked, and told him I would pray about it. I did pray, and then I heard a quiet question in my spirit asking, Hal, are you willing to give this equipment away? I told the Lord I would gladly give the equipment to that minister—and there was silence.

As Danny spoke about the three angel’s messages, and a station that would counteract the counterfeit, I didn’t relate. However, he added something that pierced my soul; it was “reach the world.” That’s what God had given me, a world vision. Now I knew why heaven had been silent. This equipment would be the spark God would use to get the 3ABN fire blazing! I told Danny what the Lord had asked me to do, and his eyes danced as I said, “I’m getting the feeling that you may be the one I’m supposed to sow this equipment into.” Then, I left it at that.

A little after eleven o’clock that night, Danny called me. I knew what he wanted, but we just did the casual chitchat until I asked, “What’s on your mind Danny”?

“Well,” he finally began, “after what you told me today about your television equipment, I’m so excited I can’t sleep. But you never said you’d give it to me. So I figured that every hour I’m awake I’d give you a call, because it’s your fault I can’t sleep!”

I told him to go on to bed, since earlier that day God had impressed Mollie and me to give him the equipment. “Danny,” I said, “we recently changed the name of our church from Praise Chapel to Praise World Outreach. We did it because I had a dream—a dream that southern Illinois was somehow the hub of a wagon wheel, with spokes reaching the entire world for Christ. I thought that dream was for me, but now I know it was for me to support you in this endeavor.” Later, Danny told me that when I said the equipment was his, the last shred of doubt was removed from his mind. He never looked back.

Through the years, I’ve watched Danny persevere through the good times and the bad. I’ve observed him only wanting to do the Father’s will— nothing more, nothing less, nothing else—no matter what the cost.

Pastor Hal Steenson