Sin Without Makeup

Recently, I received a remarkable email. It showed the photo progression of an average looking young woman. This fast flash photo progression takes you through a step-by-step procedure turning this not too attractive woman into a final created picture that most women would give anything to look like. They started with the make up, then the lips, hair, proper lighting, but that’s not where it stopped. Then they took the finished photo and used computer enhancement to change the perfect face even further. They used a computer-generated program to lengthen her neck, widen her eyes, raise her eyebrows and slim her face. The finished photo was put up on billboards around the world advertising this cosmetic company. Makeup may be amazing, but we would need a torture rack to lengthen our neck and plastic surgery to enhance our eyes, remove blotches and blemishes that makeup covers up.

The truth was the finished product was a lie. The truth is “Budweiser” can never be the king of anything and there is nothing royal about “Crown Royal Whiskey.” The truth is “Harry Potter” is witchcraft and the “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” isn’t okay.

This is the way Satan enhances sin. He makes it look innocent and inviting. He presents it with makeup and demonic enhancement. He and his cohorts blind us to what is really under the makeup hiding the sin. When the makeup and the enhancements of our lives are gone, what we have is sin and sin alone.

The Bible condemns in the strongest terms all falsehood, false dealing, and dishonesty. Right and wrong are plainly stated. But I was shown that God’s people have placed themselves on the enemy’s ground; they have yielded to his temptations and followed his devices until their sensibilities have become fearfully blunted. A slight deviation from truth, a little variation from the requirements of God, is thought to be, after all, not so very sinful, when pecuniary gain or loss is involved. But sin is sin, whether committed by the possessor of millions or by the beggar in the streets. Those who secure property by false representations are bringing condemnation on their souls. All that is obtained by deceit and fraud will be only a curse to the receiver. {4T 311.3}

I remember when I first heard the term “significant other”; it dawned on me that these people were not married but just living together. Under the mascara of the term, A/C- D/C lay a bi-sexual life style. Even Fred Flintstone had enough sense not to associate himself with terms that could be covered up with the base powder of sin. A part of the theme song for the “Flintstone’s” cartoon used to be “we’ll have a Gay ole time.” Now it goes “we’ll have a Great ole time.” There are currently 404,440 Pornographic websites on the internet. The internet, one of the most amazing tools of technology in our time is enveloped with the makeup of sin.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a 1964 Matador or a 2007 Hummer, when you exceed the speed limit, you are guilty. If you are a high-class socialite drinking out of a crystal wine glass or a wino in the street gutters drinking Red Ripple from a paper bag, you are both defiling the temple of God. Sin may be covered up by Wall Street marketing, but God sees through the facade and will deal with the naked sin. At the resurrection, there will be no makeup when we wakeup. God will see us for what we really have been. It is only by God’s love and our receiving His forgiveness that we will not be ashamed of just being ourselves.

1 John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

Sin is nothing more than gift wrapped garbage

Pastor Hal Steenson