I Get Excited

Psalm 118:24 This is the day which the LORD hath made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.

I love the changing of the seasons. As October colors itself in the beauty of flame and fire; I get excited. I get excited because of the nip in the November air and the crunch of the December frost under my boots as I start my early morning walk; I get excited. I get excited when I smell smoke from fireplace logs wafting in the wind and watch the smoke rise like whispery shadows toward the sky. I get excited when I breathe out and there before me is the evidence of the air I breathe, forming a heaven bound cloud. I get excited when I see houses waking up and opening the eyelids of their kitchen windows with their lights blinking on in the early morning dawn. I get excited.

Whenever I open my window blinds to a new season morning, I get as excited as a small child opening a gift-wrapped present. I get excited because God has given me another day to behold the magnificence of His creation. Everyday, I know that God gives me the same opportunity to accept the changes of the seasons in my life, just like I accept the changes of the seasons in this world.

Sure, there’s going to be winter seasons of my life that seem to be dreary and bitterly cold, but what about spring or what about summer? What about the thrill of pulling back the blinds on God’s new day and declaring, “This is the day that the Lord hath made?”

I get excited because no matter if it’s summer or winter, sunshine or rain; I have been given another day to live for God. I get excited about the seasons of my children, grandchildren, friends and my family’s lives. I get excited, I begin to rejoice and then I’m glad in it. I want to thank you Lord, for your wonderful creation. Did I tell You that I get excited?

Pastor Hal Steenson