Miraculous Healing -Part 2

The miracle of Three Angels Broadcasting Network is only one of the countless miracles God used to unfold His faithfulness. One such story is how Danny Shelton came to the truth of the Sabbath as the result of a miracle, one that happened before he was born.

Neither Tommy nor Goldie Shelton were practicing Christians when they married. Tommy’s brother Olen and his wife Mildred had become Seventh-day Adventists and gave Goldie Bible studies for about two years; however, her background kept her from accepting the Bible truths of the Sabbath and the state of the dead.

Then, on a fateful day in 1949, Goldie came down with polio. Her arms and legs started withering before her eyes. Their family doctor made a house call, and after careful examination, broke the bad news to the family: It was the worst possible form of polio.

Goldie overheard the doctor tell her husband and three young children that she would need to be taken to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. The diagnosis was devastating.

Danny’s father called on God the best way he knew by calling his brother Olen, who at the time was the only active Christian in the Shelton family. Olen came and brought along a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, they anointed Goldie, and they prayed the prayer of faith as recorded in the book of James. Immediately after prayer, Goldie rolled off the bed, fell to her knees, and began to cry out to the Lord.

“Lord, if You will heal me, I’ll never sing in another tavern,” she cried. “I’ll give my life totally to You and raise my children in church,” she promised.

Within minutes everyone present witnessed a miracle. Goldie’s color began to return to her cheeks, and all her muscular functions were restored. In less than an hour she appeared as though nothing had ever happened, and all signs of polio were gone!

“How do you explain this? What do you make of it?” Danny’s dad questioned the doctor.

“There must be a Higher Power than doctors here, because there’s no doubt in my mind that your wife had polio,” replied the doctor. “I’ve seen too much of it.”

Danny’s mother never set foot in a tavern again. Two years later another little miracle named Danny came along. God knew that “Mama Goldie” still had a vital part to play in the unfolding of the 3ABN dream.

Goldie made her decision never to sing in the taverns again, and she encouraged her husband to do the same. However, performing was the only business he knew, and he had a large family to support. Tommy quit the clubs, but this decision wasn’t without setbacks. While living in an upstairs apartment, Tommy insisted on fulfilling a Friday night engagement. His attempt to break the Sabbath resulted in a tumble down the stairs and a broken ankle. Tommy knew that God hadn’t done this, but it gave him ample time to reconsider keeping the Sabbath holy.

“Enough is enough!” he said. He gave his heart and life totally to the Lord, embracing God’s fourth commandment, and keeping His Sabbath rest.

Thousands of years ago, God gave a dream to a young man named Joseph. To Joseph’s family it was nothing more than a prideful dream, but when Joseph revealed himself to his near-starving brothers in Egypt, they knew it had truly been a dream from God.

As we press on in this book, we’ll see how God’s miracles unfolded to bring about Danny’s dream, and through the Holy Spirit, how 3ABN is actually God’s dream for His remnant church.

Author Hal Steenson

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  1. Please continue to post miracle life stories that may help other to know the Lord as their personal saviour and friend.

    Carlos smart

  2. I just love miracle stories how God leads people to see their need to change their lifestyle and accept the Lord as their Saviour and follow him.
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