Wasting My Worship

Joshua 1:8 …but thou shalt meditate therein day and night…

Recently I felt the need to go to the Lord in special prayer. It was there I heard these words, “Why are you wasting your worship?” I was shocked because I was so meticulous in my worship. I had developed my own procedure and was proud of how it worked. Then I realized that was exactly what it had become, “work.”

I got so tired of my usual “hello Gods” and “thank you Gods” followed by pressing into the “please Gods” that I was glad when it was finally over. My worship had become classical rhetoric. What I once believed to be pleasing to God was nothing but nonsense. I was wrestling in prayer like Jacob did with the angel to receive a blessing from God, but it seemed all that I got was the cold shoulder, the silent treatment from the “Big Guy.”

Okay, I thought, two can play at this game, so I joined in; I’m officially a player. If it’s the old silent game you want to play, then let’s get it on. I’ve raised two children and have three grandchildren; so I’m an expert at playing the silent charade.

I sat very still, zipped my lip and rested with the calm assurance that I held a trump card. He, God, had not spoken to me in so long that I was accustomed to the silence. I even welcomed it because I was tired of crying, begging, and pleading, with God about His not talking to me. It had been a one-sided conversation for some time now. I’ll show Him what it’s like to do all the talking. That’s it Hal, shut up!

Then in the silence I heard, “But thou shalt meditate therein day and night.” Wait a minute, where did that Scripture come from? He didn’t say it, so I must have thought it. But at least I didn’t open my mouth and lose this silent game.

So for about an hour, I sat and mulled that scripture over and over in my mind until it finally dawned on me. This is what the Father wanted all along, silent meditation on His Word. It was in the silence of meditating on His Word that I began once again to hear the Father speaking. I know now, that He had been speaking all along but I couldn’t hear him because of all the noise I was making.

A fresh wind has been blowing since I learned to just shut up and meditate on God’s word. Since then I’ve quit wasting my worship and started listening for the Father voice.

Pastor Hal Steenson

4 thoughts on “Wasting My Worship

  1. Hi Hal Thank you for the inpiratiionals, they are really encouraging and brings hope to each of us as we are challenged with many things throughout our day. If we can just keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of all good works and the restorer of our soul.

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